About Me


  • Freshman at West University of Timisoara. I've been interested in computers from an early age and it's now my field of study at University. Proud member of PwnThyBytes and WreckTheLine CTF Team, in love with Binary Exploitation and Reverse Engineering. Organizer of both PwnThyBytes CTF and HackTM CTF.
  • Nationality
    🇷🇴 Romanian
  • Undergraduate
    📚 West University of Timisoara


  • CSAW CTF Finals 2019
    team WreckTheLine - Europe
    3rd place
  • Timisoara CTF Finals 2019
    team WreckItRalph
    1st place
  • CodeGate CTF Finalist 2018 & 2019
    junior category
  • DefCamp CTF Finalist 2018
    team HATS Singapore
    12th place
  • DefCon CTF Finalist 2018
    team PwnThyBytes
    14th place
  • European Cyber Security Challenge 2017
    junior @ team Romania
    2nd place
  • ZeroRobotics Finalist 2017
    team heRObotics
  • InfoEducatie 2016
    web track
    1st place


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